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Facility Sanitizing and Disinfecting

FIA operates Hydro Force Steam Cleaning machines which utilizes a 2500 ppm active germicide making it highly effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and mildew.


Types of Facilities We Service

  • Fitness Facilities

  • Club Houses

  • Laundry Mats/ Rooms

  • Office Complex

  • Private Homes

  • Community Pool

Rates Vary Depending On Square Footage Of Facility

For Custom Quotes On Facilities Larger Than 7,501 Sqft Call (786) 693 – 0212

<1,500 sqft

$0.75 / sqft

1,501-3,000 sqft

$0.65 / sqft

3,001-5,000 sqft

$0.55 / sqft

5,001-7,500 sqft

$0.45 / sqft

4 Prong Attack

Steam, Fog, Scrub, Liquid

For Quotes On The 4 Prong Attack: Steam, Fogging, Floor Scrubbing, And Liquid Sanitizing. Call 786-693-0212 Now!

It’s important to us that your members, tenants, employees, or family feel 100% comfortable when revisiting your facilities. Our team at FIA uses a product called Fiberlock IAQ 2500, it contains 2500 ppm active germicide. Which makes it highly effective against a broad-spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms including antibiotic resistant bacteria’s, viruses, fungi, mold, and mildew.

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